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PROJECT TYPE: Community Workshops

PROJECT PARTNERS: Bonny Downs Community Association, Age UK, SHINE Islington, National Lottery Fund


STATUS: Initial round of workshops completed

What it’s about:

People in 10% of London homes suffer from fuel poverty with many households having to choose between food and heating. The health impact of cold housing, especially for elderly and children include cardiovascular and respiratory disease, flu, falls and injuries, stress levels, hypothermia and mental health.

Warm & Healthy Homes is a workshop designed that provides people of any age with:

·         Information on the medical dangers of living in cold conditions

·         cost effect energy saving measures people can carry out in their homes

·         information  on  access existing grants and schemes for home improvements

Since project start-up, we have held six workshops. Initially we held a pilot workshop in the London Borough of Newham where 13,000 homes suffer from fuel poverty. Due to its success, we decided to conduct three more workshops in the same area where we helped more than a 100 participants vulnerable to fuel poverty. Our volunteers also worked in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, another borough which has fuel poverty rates above the national average. Our latest workshop, held with support from Age UK, ChapmanBDSP, and SHINE Islington, took place in Caxton Hall.

We were able to successfully organize and deliver six workshops, reaching a large number of people and several neighbourhoods. Feedback received at the end of each workshop has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have stated that their homes are now warmer and they are able to save more money.

We discovered that the interaction of the participants via props, quizzes, and breaks synchronised with the clear and simple style of the speakers. The workshops also provided many opportunities for the participants to ask questions in different formats and to get personalized and specific answers.


Article 25 team engaging with workshop participants

Presenting methods to keep homes warm and healthy