Kivu School Reconstruction

As a result of a long history of conflict many schools have been destroyed by rebels and armed forces in the DRC. This has caused enormous disruption to the civilian population and interrupted children’s education. Government and rebel troops are still in operation here, compounding the area’s instability.

Article 25 worked alongside Children in Crisis and other partners, addressing the need for secure and permanent classrooms which would also provide facilities for adult education and evening community activities.

Two schools were designed for the remote high plateau region of South KivuAs the sites were exposed on a high plateau region there were a number of climatic factors that needed to be overcome. These included the site being subjected to strong sun while also suffering strong winds and cool nighttime temperatures. The resulting buildings were therefore designed to retain heat but allow for ventilation and daylight, providing a thermally improved learning environment.

As well as being active in the design of their school, the community was employed in the construction work: firing bricks, collecting sand and stone, mixing cement and accommodating the builders in their homes overnight. The community saw the construction of these schools as ‘training’ and learnt valuable skills from the builders, so that they can repeat the process in other locations.