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PROJECT TYPE: Master planning of a new/refurbished general hospital on an existing site

PARTNER ORGANISATIONS: Rangoon General Hospital Regeneration Trust, UNOPS

ENGINEERING PARTNERS: Michael Hadi (Structural), Hoare Lea (M & E), ClarkeBond (Civil)

STATUS: The Master plan was completed in July 2018

What it’s about:

The Sittwe General Hospital (SGH) is the largest healthcare facility in Rakhine State, Myanmar. The hospital is a critical healthcare provider in the region that sees people travelling long distances to access treatment; it was designed to accommodate 200 inpatients but typically is occupied by more than 350. Yet, this 50-year old facility is struggling with limited resources, poor infrastructure and a legacy of ad hoc developments without a clear vision. This project was flagged as a priority by the Kofi Annan Foundation, as a means of improving access to healthcare for residents of Rakhine and contributing to the stabilisation of the region.

Together with our engineering partners we have developed a masterplan for SGH which will expand the current facilities to a 500-bed capacity hospital, taking into consideration its environmental context and service requirements.

There is much to be done to redevelop the site and expand its capacity. Many of the buildings are not structurally safe, endangering patients and healthcare professionals. Facilities are also dispersed throughout the site, resulting in inefficient practices and lower standards of healthcare. One recommendation was to consolidate key services, such as imaging and operation theatres, in a central node that is connected to hospital wards in the periphery.

Accessibility was also identified as a key issue to resolve as none of the buildings are fitted with lifts or ramps. This means that patients have to be carried physically up and down stairs, pre and post-surgery. The lack of lifts was deemed as broadly unacceptable since operating theatres were located on the first floors while wards were situated upstairs.

The Masterplan assesses the existing facilities and infrastructure at SGH, making recommendations for immediate improvements and providing phased proposals to enable the hospital’s development.


Main entrance to the existing hospital

The staff quarters are susceptible to flooding during monsoon season