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PROJECT TYPE: Research and Design Guide

PROJECT PARTNERS: Steffian Bradley Architects

STATUS: Design Guide published in 2019

What it’s about:

This project started on the back of Article 25's work for the Reinvigoration of Yangon General Hospital in Myanmar. Article 25 delivered YGH Masterplan in February 2017 and now support YGH with the implementation which is foreseen to be completed in 20 years. This work gave Article 25 a unique insight into Myanmar’s healthcare facilities and system. Considering the importance of Myanmar’s healthcare system to function as a whole and the potential to alleviate pressure from larger, overcrowded hospitals like YGH by improving smaller healthcare facilities like Rural Health Centres (RHCs), Article 25 initiated this project. A study into existing RHCs was conducted by a group of 14 industry professional’s from various backgrounds (architects, engineers and photographers) using their expertise to analyse how effective Rural Health Centre's infrastructure is in providing healthcare across Myanmar. 

Rural Health Centres play a crucial role in Myanmar's healthcare system, especially for people living in remote rural areas where geographical and financial limitations make access to healthcare difficult. It was imperative to create a practical and effective design with the aim to support the improvement of existing and the construction of new RHC's. The guide provides guidelines to help facilitate architects, engineers, medical professionals and organisations involved in the development of RHC's to design adequate, safe and functional Rural Health Centres.

This study and design guide ties in well with Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports’ goals that are laid out in their Myanmar National Health Plan 2017 - 2021 to improve smaller healthcare facilities, a real opportunity for effective and rapid development of the Myanmar healthcare system. 

Through the adoption and implementation of these design guidelines thus making steps towards improving Rural Health Centre's, the pressure on larger healthcare facilities such as hospitals could be alleviated. Therefore, freeing up space and expertise that can allow the people of Myanmar access to reliable, efficient and safe healthcare throughout Myanmar.