Cycle Myanmar Research – November 2017

The Cycle expedition raised £33,000 to fund future Article 25 work in the Yangon. The expedition also carried out key field research into Myanmar’s healthcare system, building knowledge and capacity. This included conducting questionnaires and interviews, photographic surveys and an analysis of materials, environmental building designs and climate/ geographical features.



A key aspect was of the research was the inclusivity of Rural Health Centres (RHCs). These centres are a key part of Myanmar’s healthcare system, providing assistance to those in remote areas where geographical and financial access to health service is limited. RHCs face constant challenges related to architectural, environmental, social and organisational issues, which impacts healthcare in Myanmar as a whole. The aim of this research was to utilise Article 25’s previous experience in Myanmar in order to share knowledge and support the development of Myanmar’s healthcare infrastructure system. This was done by providing guidelines for upgrading for existing buildings and the construction of new RHCs.

The research is currently at the introduction stage, presenting this study and the aim of the research. A panel to discuss the findings will take place in January and a final draft will be produced in March.