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PROJECT TYPE: Outpatient Department and Training Centre at Purulia Hospital

PROJECT PARTNERS: Leprosy Mission of England and Wales, Leprosy Mission Trust India

ENGINEERING PARTNERS: MeinHardt (Structural), Hoare Lea (M & E), Axis (Architecture and Engineering India), Mace (Construction Management India)

STATUS: Construction

What it’s about:

The Purulia Leprosy Hospital was established in 1888 and is the oldest and largest leprosy hospital in India. It serves around 40,000 patients a year providing healthcare for leprosy patients. The hospital has been the site of many breakthroughs relating to the treatment of leprosy and holds a very important place in the history of the treatment and understanding of leprosy in India. Despite its prestigious history, the hospital today is out of date and overcrowded.

We have designed a new Outpatient Department to continue provision of free comprehensive care to people affected by leprosy, as well as providing staff with a dedicated facility for training and community based rehabilitation.

The design uses low-cost and low-maintenance materials. Ambient temperatures in Purulia can reach 45 degrees Celsius, making it crucial for the buildings to remain cool on hot summer days. This is done through shading and directed cross-ventilation in all parts of the new building. The long roof overhangs protect the internal space and patients from the high summer sun, while high-level vents allow for natural ventilation throughout.


Existing waiting area

Proposed sketch of outpatients