Water and Sanitation

More than 220,000 people were killed and over 300,000 injured in Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. It left an estimated 1.5 million people homeless and destroyed much of the country’s already poor infrastructure, including in the Central Plateau where this project is based.

With no alternative water supply, people in the villages of Hinche and Malte Peralte are forced to draw their water from rivers known to contain cholera, which claimed the lives of 8,562 Haitians by June 2014[i].

This project provides water and sanitation facilities to school children in the villages of Hinche and Malte Peralte in Haiti’s Central Plateau region. We have designed and are now overseeing the construction of a new class room in Hinche. We are also repairing and strengthening the roof of the school in Malte Peralte.

The installation of rain water harvesting systems provides safe, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for school children in the villages.

By providing clean water and improved sanitation for the children in poor communities, this project helps to protect the most vulnerable in one of the most hazardous locations in the world.

For photos of the ongoing work please visit the Haiti album on our Facebook page.

[i] The Pan American Health Organization, Epidemiological Update, Cholera, June 2014


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