University of East London Construction Week

Article 25 has been working with Architectural students at UEL to help them incorporate international development issues into their studies.

Students took part in project-based design challenges set by Article 25 who provided briefing and critique sessions with students, integrating international development challenges into the academic curriculum.

The tasks included designing a low-cost roof structure from locally available materials that responds to the climate conditions of Oujda, Morocco. The location has extreme environmental conditions: being very hot in summer and exceptionally cold in winter. Students had to consider the use of materials that would serve the need for providing a constant temperature year-round.

Students were asked to explore and understand fundamental construction principles in international development and earthquake reconstruction in relation to Article 25’s construction work in post-earthquake Haiti. They designed and built a prototype block wall system for a building sited in an earthquake zone using alternative construction materials, such as lime.

The students also undertook tasks that related to Article 25’s work in Afghanistan, where we are supporting the work of the Ministry of Education to build new schools. Many sites in Afghanistan are affected every year by flooding and other natural disasters, which require the input rapid response design. Students were asked to develop a rapid response bridge design that could be easily constructed by local communities in an emergency.