School for Street Children

Article 25 was asked by El Shaddai Street Child Rescue to assist in the design of a new school to help street children access education in Goa.

The area of the school’s location, Assagao, near Mapusa in Goa, has a temperate climate and is hot and humid during the monsoon season from June to September.

The Principal and co-founder of the school was looking for conventional classroom layouts within light, airy spaces that would have good natural ventilation and be able to contend with the large rainfall during the seasonal monsoon period.

A building which was responsive to this fluctuating weather system was essential. Seismic-resistant construction and environmentally sustainable concepts were incorporated into the design to ensure the security and longevity of the building.

Most of the children who attend the non-formal school are from the slums in Goa and cannot access basic services like education, health-care and sanitation.

The budget for this project was £60,000 and the building was completed in August 2007.