Malaria Control – House Improvements


Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is supporting the Swaziland National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) with reaching their goal of malaria elimination by 2020. To achieve this goal, Swaziland has invested heavily in programmes that prevent mosquitoes from entering homes. These are also known as vector control programs.

Poor quality housing has been identified as a risk factor for malaria, especially in areas where the mosquitos can enter the house through gaps in ceilings, windows and doors. Housing improvement is a way to keep mosquitos out of homes and the NMCP is interested in exploring this option to sustainably reduce the burden of malaria.

Article 25 are working with ARCHIVE Global to support CHAI’s efforts to implement housing improvements, such as mesh screens over windows and doors, that will impact approximately 8,250 people in Swaziland.

Project Short

Working with: ARCHIVE Global, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

Location: Lomahasha, Swaziland

Expected Completion: October 2017

Annual number of lives affected: 8,250