Learning Hub for street children

Street children constitute one of the most vulnerable groups in James Town, to the south of central Accra. Up to 90% of inhabitants live below the poverty line.

Children leave their homes in search of money to feed themselves or to escape abuse. No child is on the street by choice; they have all been forced there.

Street children are often sexually exploited. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to cope.

They are unable to access education or stable employment and many turn to a life of crime. Others earn their living in the informal sector, trapped in an endless cycle of washing cars, selling cheap goods, running errands, begging and stealing. Through access to education and vocational training these children can be given the chance to find a place within their communities and lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Article 25 helped kick start the creation of a Learning Hub in James Town, and designed SCEF a base to run their essential educational outreach programmes from.

SCEF was operating from a cramped office that functioned as a space for lessons and workshops, and as a study area for the children in their Street Academy programme.

Having rapidly outgrown its small office, SCEF has the chance to move into a much larger property. However, it is in need of substantial refurbishment and building work.  Article 25 is helping SCEF plan the transformation of the site.

This Learning Hub includes classrooms, areas for workshops (such as IT training), a quiet study space, a library, new toilet facilities and office space. The site also acts as a meeting place for people from the local community, where they can discuss the issues they face and seek out help and support.

Photos of the building work and the finished centre are on our Facebook page.

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