Study of eco-village feasibility

Article 25 undertook a feasibility study of the ‘Isla Los Olivos’ project in the city of Valledupar. Valledupar is tucked between the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Venezuelan border. It is home to vallenato music, around 700,000 inhabitants and over 2 million mango trees, which provide much needed shade from the soaring temperatures.

Project Mingueo, of which ‘Ilsa Los Olivos’ was a part, was set up to help vulnerable and displaced communities in Colombia to improve their quality of life, by creating self-sufficient and sustainable communities.

The Isla Los Olivos project focused on the development of an eco-village for the community and Article 25 provided research into the feasibility and sustainability of the program.

We undertook a site survey, met with more than 50 community members and ran various participatory workshops with them to understand their immediate and long-term needs and aspirations for the land.

Many of the community members’ families had once lived on the site of the proposed new eco-village, and there was a great desire for returning the land for use for cultivation and raising animals alongside new residential facilities.

Our resulting recomendations incorporated the needs of the community as well as the architectural needs for the development of the site.