Maputo Crèche & Childcare Centre

Mozambique is recovering from 15 years of civil war. About 40% of Mozambican women become pregnant before the age of 20¹. Of the 10 million under 18s in the country four million are considered vulnerable often because their mothers are single and struggling financially². The situation in the barrios is often worse than in the country as a whole.

Article 25 worked in Luis Cabral barrio in Maputo, alongside Meninos de Moçambique, Street Child Africa and Pierre d’Avoine Architects to design a crèche and childcare centre for the children in Maputo. As A25 volunteer architect James Earle learnt while working on the project some mothers have to leave their children to their own devices while working. The centre will keep the children safe and prevent them joining street gangs while their mothers are earning or studying. James wrote an account of his experiences in e-architect.

The project aims to construct a bigger, better, safer and stronger building for childcare. The design is sustainable and appropriate to the climate. Once built the centre will have good, natural ventilation for comfort in a hot and humid environment.

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