Yangon General Hospital Site Visit on 1st August 2018 &

UK’s Asia Pacific Director Kate White and British Ambassador Dan Chugg visited Yangon General Hospital to see UK’s support for the Reinvigoration of Yangon General Hospital through RGHR Trust.
Article 25 is RGHR’s technical partner to support with the reinvigoration and have been working with the hospital since 2014. One of the key goals is to improve the physical improvement of the hospital campus; improve its infrastructure and buildings to enable the hospital to deliver high quality healthcare.
DfID is the donor for YGH.
People: (top to bottom) Billy Stewart (DFID), Kim Kyi Chaw May (Article 25), Robin Cross (RGHR), Khin Theingi Myint (YGH), Dan Chugg (British Ambassador), Yi Yi Myint (YGH), Kate White, Wai Lwin (DFID), Nway Ei (YGH), Khin Maung Gyi (YGH)