Welcoming our new Managing Director, David Murray

Article 25 is delighted to welcome our new Managing Director, David Murray, to the team. We are so excited to bring Article 25 to the next level on the back of David’s wealth of experience and expertise. Read about David’s vision for Article 25 below:

Making resilience – not reaction – a reality and the norm

I am delighted to be joining such an impactful and ambitious charity as the new Managing Director of Article 25. In the 12 years since we came into being, we have developed a distinctly unique expertise aimed at providing buildings and infrastructure to improve lives through education, healthcare and better livelihoods. Designing for long term resilience to disaster – prevention not reaction – is one of our core skills. By creating a lot out of very little, through close collaboration with local people and outstanding design intelligence, we can help to share that expertise. This is how we aim to empower communities into applying those exact same skills on all local infrastructure works, well beyond our own capacity and reach, long into the future.

For Article 25 to succeed as a charity, we need to make sure that organizationally we are just as resilient too. We are hugely fortunate to have received both pro bono support and financial support in delivering our projects from those working in architecture, engineering and construction over the years. We also reap the benefits of working with a small dedicated group of fantastic volunteers who are keen to apply their own skills and learning to our work to add more power to our elbow than our bottom line would otherwise permit.

There is always so much more that we could do than we have the capacity and funding to tackle. As supporters of Article 25, we know that you share our absolute passion for creating beautiful, resilient buildings that are comfortable to use. You will also share in our charity’s values – that infrastructure can be such a powerful tool to build thriving, healthy, strong communities in the face of poverty and the exacerbating hardships forced on people through natural disasters and conflict.

Design adds huge value to those who use buildings and to society in general. While there are some enlightened advocates of design, we have to keep taking the argument to government and business. It is even harder in the humanitarian sector where the impact of £10,000 worth of vaccines is more apparent than of the sustainable and safe design of clinics that will help save lives over decades; literally so in an earthquake.

With your continued and growing support to Article 25, we aim to significantly ramp up our social-impact-led work to help communities thrive, livelihoods flourish and make the strength of resilience the norm.