Student Chapter Conference

On the 19th of June Article 25 hosted its Student Chapter Summer Conference. This was an opportunity for Student Chapter Committee Members to network with other students, engage with the Article 25 team and help plan the future of the student chapters in the next academic year.  Attendees included members from the universities of Bath, Sheffield, Kent, Liverpool and many more.

The event kicked off with an inspirational address from Craig Goldblatt, CEO of Giving Africa, which encouraged the students examine their personal strengths and aspiration. Following this, students were asked to take part in a Millennium Development Goal (MDG) priority ranking exercise to get members talking about which development objectives should be prioritised and how they can be implemented. The groups came up with some very interesting insights and ‘out of the box’ thinking to demonstrate that these goals are in fact very interlinked and there is no one goal that can be prioritised above all others.

After lunch at the Geffrye Museum on Kingsland Road, a brief video of the Los Olivos projects was shown to give students an impression of the workings of a live project. Chapter members from Sheffield and Liverpool delivered their own presentations on integrating water & sanitation and renewable into the master plan of the proposed eco-village. All members then took part in a workshop where they were asked to design an innovative built solution for use by the community in Los Olivos incorporating the Olympic 2012 stadium wrap fabric, which is being donated for use in a sustainable construction project in the developing world.  Again, the students presented some very intricate and impressive designs!

Towards the end of the conference, the students were asked to provide feedback for Article 25 to take into the next academic year as the DfID-funded part of Article 25’s education and communication work is coming to an end.  Members gave us plenty of insights into how things have been going and what we can do to augment their Article 25 experience. Finally, awards were given out for the all the Student Chapter’s hard work. Congratulations to University of Sheffield for winning ‘Student Chapter of the Year’, University of Portsmouth for ‘Best New Chapter’, AUC Bournemouth for ‘Best Graphic design’, University of Kent for ‘Best Fundraiser’ and University of Liverpool for ‘Most Creative Event’.

All in all, the conference was a huge success, thank you everyone who attended, and keep up the good work!