Paul Cycles World

Unfortunately Paul Ashley-Unett  has had to make the very difficult decision to abandon his world record attempt to cycle around the world due to an injury. His final destination will therefore be Perth.

Based on the Guinness World Record’s rules for Fastest Circumnavigation by Bicycle Paul was required to pedal a minimum of 18,000miles (28,970km), cycling a minimum of 135miles (216km) per day. This world record attempt is equivalent to 9 back-to-back Tours de France in half the time.

Paul started his cycle around the world in February 2012 from the Isle of Man, aiming to beat Vin Cox’s 2010 record of 164 days.  He burnt over 12,000 calories each day, cycling against the elements, climbing hills and mountains through freezing temperatures and soaring heat, rainstorms and debilitating headwinds.

Paul has previously cycled through England, Europe and across Canada but this world record attempt has been the ultimate endurance challenge and an obsession that he has had to live, eat and breathe for the past four months. Cycling into the unknown every day, some days without seeing another person and every night searching for somewhere to camp, often in the wild away from any form of civilization, Paul has battled strains, injuries and illnesses on a daily basis.

Coverage during the cycle expanded beyond social media websites to newspapers, international magazines, radio stations, speaking at public events and word of mouth. Raising vital funds for Article 25 and ManxSPCA, Paul has done an incredible job and everyone at Article 25 is very grateful for his efforts. We hope you get better soon Paul!