Article - 25 - Donate

Kent student chapter

Kent University Student Chapter has packed lots of fundraising and awareness events into the year.

In the Autumn Term they held a series of Photoshop Visualisation Seminars for the School of Architecture. This consisted of two seminars, a beginners session and one for more advanced users. These raised loads of money and awareness, as well as helping out fellow students.

Next the chapter designed their own Article 25 merchandise. They made key rings and fair trade friendship bracelets with the logo on, which they sold at the Kent RAG Christmas Fair and Ice-Rink.

These events were so successful that this year they followed them up with a Valentines Stall and a series of AutoCAD seminars that are now an annual event for the School of Architecture. They also squeezed a film night and a Circus themed fundraiser at a Canterbury bar into the term.

First and Second years are getting more involved, ready to carry on next year. They are hoping to do a fun run, organise a shelter building project and organise a film night.