‘Just a Drop’ in Haiti

Colleen Yuen, Senior Architect at Article 25.

With the threat of Hurricane Emily hitting Haiti last week, our team was nervous about the potential damage this tropical storm could cause. It was predicted that Hurricane Emily would be the first significant storm to threaten Haiti in the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season and could be the first named storm to reach hurricane strength this year. It was to our relief when we were informed last Friday that Emily had dissipated over Haiti and construction on site resumed as soon as the news was announced.

This week we started the week with some very good news, further funding was received from a UK charity, Just a Drop, for the second water and sanitation upgrade project in Haiti. The site is located at Demichel Primary School in Carrefour and the project involves installing new gutters to a recently completed roof structure with new roofing sheets. The rainwater collected from the roof will be stored in a rainwater harvesting tank with a distribution tank located directly above. The distribution system will be connected to a solar pump, which will be powered by solar panels to minimise the reliance of electricity supply off the national grid. These school sites often have no access to electricity and water supply. A new latrine block and handwashing facilities will also be provided, with an improved drainage system on site (it is currently prone to severe flooding during rainy seasons). The project is currently underway and scheduled for completion in early September.

All in all, it has been a pretty eventful week and to celebrate the end of another good week I decided to bake a banana and date loaf for the office to enjoy on a Friday. It was all going very smoothly until the moment I took it out of the oven and then accidentally dropped it on the floor. I saw it happening in slow motion but it was too late to do anything about it. Does the 3 second rule apply here? If I kept quiet, maybe no one would even notice the loaf looks slightly broken? I have dusted the top with some icing sugar to give it the crumbly appearance and hide the damage caused by the drop. Note to self, maybe I should stick to what I do best and not try to extend my skills into the ‘culinary’ sector.