How Anna Lived Below the Line

Anna Murray – Fundraising Team

Last year I took on the Live Below the Line challenge.  I tried to get some of my 5-a-day within the budget but failed quite miserably! Carbohydrates like pasta and rice, seemed the best way to ensure that I felt full after a meal. However, with limited ingredient options my meals became quite repetitive. I really missed fresh, and flavourful food throughout the five days and, to be honest, I was desperate for some chocolate and any drink other than water by the end of the week!

Live Below the Line really made me realise how much a lack of food can affect you, and how it can contribute to a cycle of poverty. During Live Below the Line I was a postgraduate student in the midst of assignments, spending at least 10 hours a day in the library. It was clear that my restricted diet was leading to a lack of concentration, tiredness, and the odd headache. I wouldn’t have been able to carry out manual work or walk a long distance…the gym was certainly not an option! The tiny amount of money that 1.4 billion people live on contributes to and exacerbates the cycle of poverty which they are trapped in as they do not have the energy or finances to lift themselves out of this trap. It is important to remember that the £5 that you spend on food and drink during your Live Below the Line week would actually have to pay for accommodation, medicine, clothing and so on!

If you can I would really recommend joining up with your friends or housemates for Live Below the Line. If you put all of your money together you will be able to afford a larger variety of ingredients which will make a huge difference to your week. With the help of Article 25’s recipes I will be better prepared to take on the challenge this time around. I am looking forward to supporting such a great cause for a second year!