Haiti update

It is with great pleasure to announce that we are back in Haiti this month to honour contractual obligations to our partners on the school and sanitation projects in Hinche and Malte Peralte. Imen Tlili, our site architect in Haiti, is returning to inspect the sites and complete final evaluations to ensure that works are complete and no remedial action is required. Once these have been carried out Imen can officially hand over the facilities to the communities, marking the full completion of the projects.  Our buildings have been in use for 6 months now and pictured is the new Hinche school in action. All of the images from Hinche and Malte Peralte can be seen on our Haiti Facebook album.

Also flying to Haiti this month will be Article 25 architect Rafael Marks and Max Fordham engineer Hareth Poche. Rafael and Hareth are working on the Bois Rond Tonnerre Primary school in Petionville, the original structure of which collapsed in the 2010 earthquake.  The design for the new school has now been finalised with the cooperation of the local community and Rafael and Hareth can now begin the process of recruiting a local contractor to carry out the building works. It is envisaged that construction work will begin in September and we will continue to post updates as the project progresses.