Haiti, five years on.

Five years after Haiti was struck by the earthquake Article 25 Architectural Assistant Denice Mann-Toyinbo reflects on our recently completed project.

5 years on from the earthquake in Haiti, Haiti still faces many challenges in remote areas of the country. Much of the devastation caused by the earthquake was due to buildings inadequately designed to survive such conditions, leaving many school buildings in ruins. In some of the more rural villages, any source of water – clean or otherwise – is an incredibly scarce resource. This is the case in Malte Peralte, where children from the local school are forced to drink from an unsanitary river, exacerbating the outbreak of cholera.

Article 25 aims to challenge some of these issues, with our most recent school and sanitation project in Haiti. We have brought classrooms, clean drinking water and sanitary toilet systems to two villages, Hinche and Malte Peralte. The new school in Hinche provides adequate space and ventilation for the children to learn in comfortable conditions. The new buildings are earthquake and hurricane resistant to minimise damage in the face of disaster, so that it may serve as a lasting facility for the community. Hygiene standards were greatly improved on both sites, by implementing sanitary toilets and rainwater harvesting systems that allow regular hand washing and cleaning. In an effort to provide a clean source of water in Malte Peralte, a water pump has been installed. The impact of this single water pump is great, in that it will provide clean drinking water for the entire community.

The school buildings were opened on site in November. Article 25 will return to Haiti this year, reconstructing another school. Photos of the project are on our facebook page.