From Croissants to Construction

It’s been a busy week at Article 25 HQ – we’ve had a couple of birthdays, a new cohort of volunteers join us, and a number of exciting events. 

We kicked off the week with a Networking Breakfast at Penoyre & Prasad which was attended by over 100 supporters from across architecture, construction and property industries. We had presentations from Olympic triple jumper Larry Achike, Connie Henry from Track Academy a London-based educational, mentoring and sports charity, Craig Goldblatt from Giving Africa our project partner in Burkina Faso and Article 25 staff. The event launched a whole range of activities that our supporters can get involved with. On Wednesday, Colleen went up to Edinburgh to talk to our Student Chapter about School Design in International Development and braved the sleeper train home!  

On Thursday, we were invited to L’Altro Uomo’s Book launch at Chinawhites. The book is published twice a year and covers a range of cultural topics from art and architecture to fashion. This edition features a two page spread of our 10×10 Drawing the City event.    

We also had Sandra Piesik, fresh from the UAE, come in to talk to us about her new book Arish: Palm Leaf Architecture.  We are going to be working with Sandra on her upcoming exhibition and Palm Leaf House Build event at the Royal Geographic Society, so watch this space for more info and opportunities to get involved.

As the deadline looms, we’ve had an overwhelming response to our Haiti Research Design Competition, so are very much looking forward to receiving the submissions.

And finally we would like to thank Craig and Giving Africa for the beautiful piece of Burkinaba art now regaling our walls.