Article 25 responds to the Philippines: BBC World News, 18th November

In the aftermath of the disaster in the Philippines, Article 25′s Managing Director, Robin Cross, joined Oxfam’s Jane Cocking (Humanitarian Director) in an interview with the BBC’s Shaun Ley on the World this Weekend, talking about the importance of following up short term relief programmes for the Philippines.  Citing Haiti as an example – where Article 25 has worked with considerable success – Robin highlighted the effective but typically short term nature of governmental, NGO and public responses to natural disasters and emphasised the need for longer term thinking:

“Haiti is a country which we know is on an earthquake fault line and frustratingly Haiti, even before the earthquake, had one of the highest densities of international NGO’s per capita on the island, and yet none of that NGO presence made the country resilient in the face of a known risk, so what we need to do is spend a lot more time identifying what the risks are and designing them away in advance.  Which is far less charismatic, it’s far less dramatic, it won’t get any coverage in the media but it’s building in capacity and building resilience in advance of the natural threats […] which will help in the long run.”

You can listen to the segment here: