Article 25 in Haiti

Imen Tlili of Article 25 is in Haiti working on two vital projects as part of the country’s rebuilding process following the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Imen is working with Max Fordham and Partners, Outreach International and the Just A Drop Foundation to deliver new water and sanitation facilities in the Central Plateau, and a new school building project in Port-au-Prince. Nearly 300,000 people died as a result of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake and nearly 700,000 cholera cases have been reported in the unsanitary conditions it left behind. The destruction and damage of nearly 4,000 schools has put the country’s education system under increasing strain.

While the international response to the crisis was strong, thousands in Haiti still remain homeless and without access to vital services. This work, almost five years after the earthquake struck, is part of Article 25’s long-term commitment to the rebuilding of Haiti and its vulnerable communities.