10×10 – The Team’s Pick

We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers, who put a huge amount of effort in to making 10×10 happen. One of the most rewarding parts of the preparations is working with all of the wonderful artwork. We’ve asked the team, who know the works well, to choose a favourite. Picking just one is practically impossible, but here is what we came up with. Bidding is open on the 10×10 website until midnight on the 24th if you have a favourite as well.

Mike Oades, River Thames August 2014, Square A4 


‘A great interpretation of the brief, which buildings will survive the next 300 years & how will the skyline change over time?’ Hannah Beaching, 10×10 team.

John Bushell, 10×10 Monument Square, square F3


‘It was sat in the office, right in front of me. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s a really beautiful drawing.’ Denice Mann-Toyinbo, architectural assistant.

John Burrell, Night Zebra, Square C1


‘I like the cheeky little zebra. Its such a serene image’ Sarah Gibson, 10×10 team

Grant Smith, E3, 


‘The image is so sharp. Its really detailed and the colours are interesting, the shapes are interesting. Its just wonderful’ Stephanie Straszynski, Article 25’s ‘multi tool’.

Richard FitzGerald, South Bank from Upper Thames Street, Square C3. 


‘I like the style & coulors, it’s really beautiful.’ Veryain Wilkie-Jones, 10×10 team. 

Richard Wilson, H5.


‘I love pop art a lot. This reminds me of a chess set, I like how it’s layered. Ann Hanahan, Architectural assistant.

Dave Hoggard, C10


‘I understand the skill & the time it takes to do something like this and I’m in awe of it. The old & the new is my thing.’ Kim Wright, Senior Architect

Marcus Lee, What Lies Beneath? J6,


‘The dots of colour, the depth of the water and the irregular lines make me look at this piece of art for hours with a smile. ‘ Olga Casanova, graphic designer.

Christian Spenser-Davis, B2

Christian Spencer Davis Small 

‘There is absolutely no way you’re getting me to pick just one favourite, although having Christian Spenser-Davis’ piece in the office meant I didn’t have to miss out on pointing out substandard cycle infrastructure just ‘cus I was working late.’ Olivia Dawson, Communications.