10×10 Artist Spotlight: Laurie Chetwood

Laurie Chetwood is a long-time supporter of Article 25 and his pieces have been a highlight of 10x10 for several years. He is chairman of Chetwoods Architects. Laurie’s striking 10x10 image of Vauxhall Bridge juxtaposes the human and natural connections that knit London together. It explores the mutual interdependence of man and nature, and the need for equilibrium and balance. Visit lauriechetwood.com for Laurie’s portfolio and more information on the creation of his 10x10 piece.

How did you get into drawing?

I’ve always liked drawing – my grandfather and father did a lot of drawing and painting so it was a bit of a family thing.

Laurie Chetwood Andes House

Who are your main artistic influences?

15th and 16th Century northern European artists such as Albrecht Durer – their engravings in particular - and in total contrast to this the psychedelic art of the 1960’s and 70’s – particularly album cover art by artists such as Roger Dean.

Roger Dean

Roger Dean, 'Blue Dessert' (rogerdean.com)

What is your favoured medium and why?

Pen and ink has always been something I’ve enjoyed (I always carry a sketchbook) and a natural progression from that has been that form of art – its accuracy – moved onto the tablet as a convenient way of producing and recording work.

Laurie Chetwood Butterfly sketch

Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? Why?

I don’t mind where I work – on the train or at home. I do enjoy working in public spaces such as hotel lobbies as it provides a good, relaxed atmosphere.

Do you prefer capturing the city during the day or at night time in your artwork? Why?

I’ve no preference – it depends on the subject matter.

What has been your favourite subject to draw in London?

The idea that nature is ever present in the city and is vital for the city to survive.

Laurie Chetwood Paper City

What is your favourite building in London? Why?

Lloyds of London – it’s a building that took a chance.

If you could be given access to any part of London to draw, where would you chose?

I love the city from above so probably the top of the Shard.

This year’s 10x10 grid follows the Thames, what does the river represent for you?

The Thames historically has been the life blood of the city – a conduit for trade from the earliest times - it also combines a natural resource which I feel is under used. I would love to see it become central once more to this wonderful thriving city.

Laurie Chetwood Inhabited London Bridge sketch

Was there anything in particular in your grid that inspired/influenced your piece?

The juxtaposition of man crossing the river - and the commerce and business that goes with that - with the river itself running perpendicular to the bridge as the timeless natural resource and the reason for London’s very existence from the time of the Romans. The sculptures on Vauxhall Bridge provided a human link between river and bridge.


  1. December 1, 2015

    These pieces are stunning. The underlying water lilly aesthetic blends beautifully with the surrounding imagery.

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