10×10 Drawing the City London 2012: Drawing Weekend

As we are now in our second year of 10×10 Drawing the City London, we decided to move the Drawing Weekend to a month where at least some warmth was possible and on the 15th September we were well rewarded. The weather could not have been more different to last year. The sunshine was glorious and the participants arrived in great numbers, flooding through the doors of Paul Davis + Partners Covent Garden Office (offered as just part of the ongoing support and sponsorship given to Article 25 by this fantastic company).

The morning started with a brief from Jack Pringle, Chair of Trustees at Article 25 and Tim Makower, the mastermind behind the successful 10×10 Drawing the City event. The duo reminded the participants taking part why their participation is so valuable, that by just putting pen to paper they can change the lives of thousands in need across the developing world. It is really great to engage with our participants in this way – to make sure they know about the valuable work Article 25 do and to show them exactly how, with their skills, they can help improve design in International Development.

With a film crew and photographers on hand the Article 25 team traversed the West End, looking for participants. We found them in parks, churches, and in Starbucks but more often than not basking in the lovely sunshine. Subject matter varied drastically, Jeanette Barnes telling us “nature isn’t good for me as subject matter, I’ve been desperately looking for a building site but I’ve now found cranes though, so I’m happy now.” Others preferred to concentrate on the human traffic in their assigned squares, Rydal Hanbury mentioning that she’s now “found a new and amazing part of London” with the performers in Covent Garden providing inspiration for her. Neville Gabie, artist in residence at the Olympic Park informed us that he was going to “try something new with GPS” adding, “I don’t know whether it will work yet or not, but I wanted to try a corresponding piece to something I explored in the Olympic Park by trying to walk from one end to the other in a straight line and mapping my journey.”

Our 10×10 Drawing the City twitter account was buzzing all day with news from participants exploring the streets of London. Jonathan Foyle, Chief Executive of the World Monument Fund Britain, was keeping supporters engaged throughout the day by offering sneak peeks of his work via his twitter account, in between recieving many happy returns from friends. He told the interview team that as it was his birthday today, he had bought himself a treat in the form of a brand new box of watercolours and that he couldn’t wait to get going.

All of our participants who came along were fantastic – unfailingly enthusiastic about the project, the city and Article 25 and we can’t thank them enough. Without the time and dedication of these artists, architects and designers the project just wouldn’t be possible and now we are counting the days until we get to see the finished pieces!

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