Article 25 offers professionals and students of the built environment and international development industries a series of training courses, all CPD accredited, in international development and disaster relief. Our one-day courses on the ‘Essentials of Humanitarian Architecture’ consist of 2 stages, each including 5 hours of accredited CPD training.

We also provide any of our training courses as one-hour seminars to practices on request. In addition we can also run a one-hour seminar on any of the following stages, for a price of £275 (including VAT). Travel expenses for travel outside of London will be extra.

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‘Essentials of Humanitarian Architecture’

Stage 1

Bricks and Mortals: Human Rights and the Humanitarian Sector

Architects and International Development

Seismic Resistance in Building Methods

Techniques and Benefits of Participatory Planning

Workshop: Participatory Planning


Stage 2

The Disaster Response Cycle: the role of the built environment professional

School Design for International Development

Building for Improved Public Health

Biodiversity and Conservation

Workshop: Managing Diverse Stakeholders


 ‘Planning a Project: How Professional Practice Works in the Field’

Stage 3

How work in international development may differ from practice in the UK

How your professional skills can help deliver projects