Child Support Tanzania Pre-School

Project Motivations

Why are we doing this?


Recent figures show that 98% of children with disabilities in Africa are not in school. The Tanzanian government in 2010 introduced a ground-breaking policy that ensured that disabled children had the right to primary and secondary education, yet this has so far been difficult for existing schools to fully implement due to the fact that schools are not built with disabled children in mind. The Child Support Tanzania School, run by the organisation of the same name, is pre-school for children with physical and mental disabilities, as well as able-bodied children.

Able Child Africa, a UK based organisation which exclusively works with and for disabled children in Africa, and Child Support Tanzania are working with Article 25 to expand the school premises with appropriate facilities built with the staff and the students in mind. Article 25’s work on the new school will provide a model to inform the construction of other schools that want to become inclusive schools.

This project is made possible thanks to our partners from: 

Project Timeline

The progress so far

Article 25 have produced a masterplan that includes features such as spacious classrooms, a sensory garden and close attention to detail (including light, shade, airflow) that will make the school a comfortable place for both students and teachers.

Since the masterplan, Article 25 is now working to develop the design in moving the project forward to construction. 

Project Evaluation

What impact have we made?