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PROJECT TYPE: Primary School (up to age 14)

PROJECT PARTNERS: Outreach International, Community of Christ

ENGINEERING PARTNERS: Buro Happold (Structural), Max Fordham (M & E)

STATUS: Final stages of construction

What it’s about:

The Boisrond Tonnere School is a primary school that educates children from low income backgrounds. The school is located in Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince. During the devastating 2010 earthquake most of the city including the school was destroyed.

We have designed a new earthquake resistant classroom as well as a new community hall. In the event of another earthquake, the school should remain standing, enabling students to return to a sense of normality soon after a natural disaster. The structural design was developed in close collaboration with our structural engineering partners to arrive at the simplest and most economical earthquake-resistant structures.

The school includes six classrooms and a community assembly hall, kitchen, toilets and outdoor play areas. All spaces are naturally ventilated and designed to remain cool during Haiti’s tropical summers.

A functional challenge was the issue of providing sufficient potable water for the school community. In anticipation of water shortages, we have designed a rainwater collection tank and an underground water cistern that collect and store rainwater during the wet season.


Sketch of proposed school site


Sketch of canopy area