If a picture says a thousand word, then an exhibition must speak volumes.


This is certainly true for the images Grant Smith brought back from Article 25’s project in Burkina Faso, completed at the end of 2013. His images bring the new school buildings to life through the people who use them every day.

Whether it’s early-morning exercises, groups of students doing their homework on the external blackboards after school ends, or the bustle of a community gathered around a well, Grant’s pictures convey a feeling of living – accompanied by both successes and hardships. A powerful image of rubbish covering the ground like a blanket talks about unsustainable consumption, but a busy canteen speaks of new opportunities for students not just to go to school, but to be comfortable, clean and fed as they learn.

Grant’s trip, through both photography and film, presents a valuable chance to see one of Article 25’s projects in a new light, not as a construction site, but being used the way it was intended to be. In many ways it is when our work ends that the building’s life really begins, and Grant’s exhibition is a window into what well though out, sustainable humanitarian work can achieve.

Grant’s photography exhibition, Upright and Educated, is being generously hosted by The Building Centre on Store Street. It is sponsored by Ing, and will last until January 30. Full details are on our events page.

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  1. January 24, 2015

    Having spent time living in Faso I’m very muck looking forward to getting along and seeing the exhibition.

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