Five good things from 2014

A lot has gone on in 2014; Ebola becoming a pandemic, Isis and Boko Haram’s atrocities and the accompanying upsurge in Islamaphobia and U.S police brutality are just some of the year’s saddest events.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however. Germany won the world cup (although some of A25 consider Brazil imploding one of the years tragedies). Disney’s Frozen dominated both the film and music industry and selfies succeeded in highlighting the self-absorbed people of the nation who insisted on taking multiple pictures of the same pose in public.

We don’t blame you if you’ve missed some of what’s going on at Article 25. Don’t fear as were going to give you a rundown of five of our best things from 2014.

  • The Burkina Faso school and Practical Completion.

The Burkina Faso school has been in use for six months and no flaws in design or construction have become apparent. The ambitious young students are proud of their new school (as Grant Smith’s video makes clear) and are benefiting from the cooler classrooms and the lunch club our partners Giving Africa is now able to run.

This autumn a huge storm ripped the roof off the nearby sports facilities but all of the Article 25 school stayed exactly where it was supposed to be, thanks in part to Michael Hadi Associates, Max Fordham and Soter Caius Rayaisse.

  • Haiti Project Finished

December the 4th marked the official completion of a project in Haiti. The project involved constructing earthquake resistant classrooms in two villages and digging a borehole in one of them, which hadn’t previously had a clean water source of its own. Villagers had needed to go to a nearby town to buy clean water and are enjoying spending this time and money on other  things.

A massive thank you to Imen (our project manager) and the Haitian contractors who worked tirelessly to finish the project to the high standard.

It was an honor to work with inspirational charity Just a Drop, and a pleasure working with Buro Happold, the structural engineers, and services engineers Max Fordham.

  • 10×10 London

We held the 10×10 London auction in The Shard on the 27th of November, or Thanksgiving for Americans.

The annual fundraiser divides a section of London into 100 squares, which are given to leading artists & architects who produce a work for auction.

This years event exceeded all expectations. The reception was positive and got lots of coverage, but most importantly we raised £119,545 so had lots to give thanks for.

  • The learning hub completed

The Street Child Empowerment Foundation are an inspirational Ghanaian charity who fight to overcome discrimination as well as providing street kids in Accra with an education and a safe haven from sexual abuse.

SCEF grew quickly, to the point their office doubled as a classroom for up to three groups at once. They brought a larger property, but it needed extensive refurbishment and construction work. We worked with SCEF to establish what needed doing, drew up plans and helped administer the contract.

The learning hub has been used for NGO best practice workshops, Ebola awareness training and school supplies distribution, as well as allowing SCEF to support more children.

  • New trustees

Although our new board members might not be as obviously exciting as our recently completed projects we are extremely pleased to have access to their expertise, and know what it will mean to us next year.