Climbing Mount Snowdon

At Liverpool we are always looking for new ways to raise awareness about Article 25 and what better way than to fundraise at the same time? We have a few very talented bakers in our committee, so we’ve become well known for our cake sales, but after a successful cycle challenge last semester we wanted another go at something a bit more active to balance out all the baking! Being close to the Welsh border we decided on a sponsored climb of Mount Snowdon. We spread the word and ended up with a group of eight of us, many from different courses or new to Article 25 so it was a great chance to get to know people and help spread awareness of the cause.

The first Saturday of the Easter holidays seemed like a good day to choose, until we saw the weather forecast! It was incredibly misty and windy, with ‘feels like temperatures’ of -9 degrees at the top. Luckily, we managed to pick a route which was mainly sheltered on the way up, and made sure the wind was blowing us (literally!) into the mountain at the top. A very quick victory selfie and we were pretty ready to make our way back down!

We took a slightly different path on the way down, intending to end up at Bangor station to make the connection back to Liverpool, but must have chosen the wrong path in the mist somewhere. Distracted by a temporary lifting of the cloud, revealing the stunning views which had been described throughout the climb by our experienced Welshman, Rob, it wasn’t until we reached the bottom that we discovered we were actually a 5 mile walk back over the mountain away from Bangor, with about 45 minutes of daylight left… Funnily enough, the thought of going back over the mountain in the dark didn’t appeal to many of us so instead we managed to work out the Welsh interpretation of a bus timing to get us back to civilisation.

Despite not being quite the stunning scenery and triumphant finish we had imagined, we all had a great time and were full of resolutions give it another go and see the views we missed in the mist. It was a really nice way to meet new people and end the term, and feels great to know you’re doing a little bit to help people all over the world who are in genuine need.

If you feel you would like to sponsor us for the event, we still have a Virgin Money Giving page open.

Article 25 would like to thank the wonderful Liverpool Student Chapter, the eight Snowdon climbers, everyone who sponsored them and particularly  Ruby Sleigh, who wrote this for us.