7 Reasons to volunteer (at A25)

Article 25 are looking for new volunteers. Our very own Stephanie Straszynski has seven reasons why you should be one of them.


I have really benefited from and appreciated the quality of contact with experienced staff. We are a small organisation and volunteers work directly with senior staff who are directly responsible for running areas of the charity’s operations including the Managing Director.
It is great exposure to the way an international development charity works and there isn’t much separation between those at the top level of the organisation and those who have just entered, especially compared with very large charities where the senior executives may not even be in the same country, let alone same office.

Article 25 is a tight-knit group. It is easy to know what’s going on, even in areas that you aren’t working in directly. Conference calls to the field are common and it is nice to be able to listen in on what is happening with Article 25’s field staff. It gives volunteers the chance to learn about other aspects of our work and roles within the organisation.


Article 25 is also a place where any skills a volunteer has may be called upon; if you can make models, speak another language, or even have a knack for designing layouts, Article 25 can find something for you.


One of the best things about working with Article 25 is the support provided by everyone there. The different mix of skills and outlooks combined with the workplace atmosphere creates a fantastic environment for group work and collaboration. Staff always have time to offer constructive feedback, and a good idea goes a long way.


One thing that struck me immediately about Article 25 was that from the first interview it was made clear that volunteering should not only help the charity, but help me to gain the skills and experience I wanted. Our staff are conscious of how important volunteer work is to the organisation and want to make sure volunteers feel appreciated and get access to the areas of work they are interested in.


Article 25 is flexible about making work with us fit round other commitments, whether it’s academic studies, other employment or anything else. In a job climate and sector where volunteer work is an essential stepping stone to a career, it is great Article 25 is sensitive to volunteers’ needs outside of the charity.

The People

Finally, those who work and volunteer at Article 25 are some of the most generous, interesting and rewarding people to be around, and the office maintains an atmosphere of positivity and fun. Laughter is pretty much non stop and there is a lot of inspiration to be found, not just in the charity’s overseas projects but the amazing staff, volunteers and friends outside the organisation who devote their valuable time and energy to Article 25.

See you in the office


  1. Marina
    February 1, 2015

    Hi! I have an MSArch and I’d love to collaborate with Article 25!

  2. Marina
    February 2, 2015

    Dear Article25,

    I’ve sent it, I have received an initial reply and I am waiting to receive a response soon.


  3. Vanita chavda
    April 14, 2015

    Hi, I would be very interested in doing some voluntary work have 20+ years experience.
    Thank you

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