Yangon General Hospital


Originally constructed during the colonial rule of the British in 1909, The Yangon General Hospital is the largest Public Hospital in Myanmar, and is responsible for training approximately one third of Myanmar’s medical workforce. Over the years, unplanned growth has left the hospital in a state of disorganisation. A lack of strategic planning has meant that there are problems with a number of vital functions of the hospital, such as water management and patient access to A&E.

Article 25 have taken on the task of reinvigorating the Yangon Hospital by providing a masterplan that will help to achieve a sustainable expansion of the campus that takes into account the building’s heritage as well as providing adequate space for patients and staff.

This masterplan will guide the Yangon General Hospital into a future as the central institution of the Myanmar healthcare system.

Project Short
Working with: Rangoon General Hospital LTD.
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Expected Completion: To be confirmed
Annual number of lives affected: 2,500+