Operation Smile


Worldwide, a child is born with a cleft lip or palate every 3 minutes. Without treatment, a cleft palate can cause difficulties with eating, drinking and breathing. In Eastern Morocco there are a limited number of facilities that treat cleft palates, and so families living in the East are forced to travel long distances to receive the crucial treatment for their children.

Article 25 and Operation Smile are working together to build a new clinic that will provide healthcare for children undergoing facial reconstructive surgery in the region of Oujda (a poorer region of Morocco, near the Algerian border).

The new clinic will be able to provide pre and post-operative care as well as dental care to children who live in the wider area.

The clinic is currently under construction and will be open for use in summer 2017.

Project Short
Working with: Operation Smile Morocco
Location: Oujda, Morocco
Expected Completion: Summer 2017
Annual number of lives affected: 600+

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