Warm & Healthy Homes

Over 13,000 homes in Newham face the realities of living in a cold home during the winter.

Living in cold conditions can have a serious impact on health, especially on the elderly and the very young. Cold housing can increase the incidences of: heart attack, stroke, asthma, flu, hypothermia and contribute to poor mental health.

Warm & Healthy Homes is a workshop designed by Article 25 that provides people of any age with: knowledge of how living in cold conditions affects the body, cost effect energy saving measures people can do to their homes and signposting from the council to where they can access existing grants and schemes for home improvements.

A successful pilot workshop has been run, with more workshops to follow later this year!

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Article 25 chose to carry out this workshop as we are trying to gain a larger presence in London. Newham has the highest rate of fuel poverty in London and one of the highest in the UK. It fulfils our mandate as we take the view that buildings should enhance and improve livelihoods. Living in a home where you have the knowledge to reduce heat loss, and effectively heat your home for less helps keep people healthier.

As part of our wish to expand our presence in London, we also felt that there were opportunities on our front door to fulfil our mandate of improving buildings to better livelihoods. Our unique approach provides a holistic overview workshop on health, heat loss, and assistance available. This workshop became even more relevant with the approach of winter and cold homes acting as a leading factor in the death of those of the pensionable age, and the difficulty in reducing energy bills in light of stagnating wages.

Running the pilot workshop showcased how much of an issue energy bills and keeping homes warm was for the community. The workshop offered free and affordable tops to noticeably reduce heating bills and educated the audience on how best to warm their homes.

According to the feedback, people found the workshop positive, taking away tips and knowledge that they could actively use. Article 25 will contact individuals who agreed to remain in touch afterwards to find out if they have implemented the tips given, and to note if there has been a reduction in their heating bills, more efficient heating of the home, better health and if they successfully received any funding from the various organisations to help them with their energy supplier.

The following session will take place in December 2017.

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Project Short

Working with: Chapman BDSP, Islington Council, Bonny Downs Community Association, Aston Mansfield, The Stratford Centre
Funded by: Big Lottery Fund
Location: London, UK
Expected Completion: April 2018
Number of people reached: 100+