Warm & Healthy Homes


Over 13,000 homes in Newham face the realities of living in a cold home during the winter.

Living in cold conditions can have a serious impact on health, especially on the elderly and the very young. Cold housing can increase the incidences of: heart attack, stroke, asthma, flu, hypothermia and contribute to poor mental health.

Warm & Healthy Homes is a workshop designed by Article 25 that provides people over the age of 65 with: knowledge of how living in cold conditions affects the body, cost effect energy saving measures people can do to their homes and signposting from the council to where they can access existing grants and schemes for home improvements.

A successful pilot workshop has been run, with more workshops to follow later this year!


Project Short

Working with: Hoare Lea, Islington Council, Newham Clinical Commission Group, Bonny Downs Community Association

Funded by: Big Lottery Fund

Location: London, UK

Expected Completion: April 2018

Number of people reached: 100+