Collège Amadou


The Collège Amadou Hampaté Bâ is a middle school established in 1991 and serves students from low economic backgrounds. In Niger education is an ongoing challenge. National literacy rates show that less than a third of the population are literate College Amadou is a flagship school that places emphasis on the professional development of its teachers by providing thorough teacher training and incentives for their teachers to teach well.

College Amadou approached Article 25 with the idea to add a primary school and high school to the existing middle school.

We have completed designs for new school buildings that take into account the climate of Niger. Our classroom designs contain ‘passive ventilation’ that enables the classrooms to stay cool in the scorching day time temperatures that are common in Niger without need for costly power sources.

The new school buildings will enable College Amadou to continue their valuable work, creating passionate and dedicated teachers that will have a positive impact on the next generation in Niger. Building work is scheduled to start later this year.

Project Short

Working with: Collège Amadou Hampaté Bâ
Location: Niamey, Niger
Expected Completion: End 2017
Annual number lives affected: 500+ Students