Throwback to Arish Construction Workshop 2012

It was not that long ago that Article 25 collaborated with Dr. Sandra Piesik, director of 3 Ideas Limited, at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in South Kensington.

This Workshop drew on vernacular architecture from the Middle East and provided innovative yet traditional architectural solutions involving materials and resources typical of the United Arab Emirates area: palm leaves, stone, and clay. Indeed, challenging Western technology Dr. Piesik has developed an architectural model suitable for different climates and temperatures as well as for landscapes of the desert, mountains and coastal areas.

The palm itself seems to be a perfect resource for sustainable architecture producing plenty of dry leaves every year. The abundance of this material guarantees billions of tonnes of leaves to be concretely used to provide shelter to millions of people.

At the time, this successful experience attracted college students, architects, and engineers from all over the city. Interested in showing the application of vernacular architecture in disaster relief areas, Dr. Piesik stated: “People have to build housing very quickly, and the communities know how to do it, so you don’t have to bring people in, or UN tents. Not just in the Middle East, but Africa, South America … Everywhere with indigenous building techniques.”

Today we are more than happy to have been part of this innovative vision of sustainable architecture and we would like to reiterate our passionate commitment in this field.