Open House: Burkina Faso

Last week here at Article 25 HQ we hosted our monthly Open House presentation on our school building project in Burkina Faso.  We are building a new model secondary school to bring enhanced education and vocational training opportunities to up to 1100 children in a rural area of northern Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso ranks 178 out of 179 on the UN’s Human Development Index for literacy levels, so bringing education opportunities to these children will have a huge impact on enabling livelihoods in this area of the world.

Craig Goldblatt, CEO of Giving Africa our project partner (photographed) opened the presentation with a heartfelt explanation of why he got involved in the charity sector and how Article 25 has helped the project progress.

Jemma Houston, a member of our Design Team leading on this project then gave a presentation of how the project has developed, the latest updates including news from their site visit in December and a demonstration of the design features. This school has been designed to deal with the climactic conditions of the area – temperatures in the existing school building can reach a staggering 50+degrees – to use locally available laterite stone in the brickwork, and to revolutionise the way children in this area are taught. We are also hoping that this school will provide a prototype for future development in the region.

The presentation was attended by our Trustee Peter Murray as well as supporters from Penoyre & Prasad, Scott Brownrigg and the RICS.

The next presentation will take place on Thursday 23rd February on our vocational training centre for former child soldiers in Uganda. Nigel Edward-Few from our project partner Jubilee Action, architect Henning Stummel and our man on the ground Alex Llado will all be speaking on their experience with the project.