End of the Burkina Faso project

We are delighted to announce that Article 25 have completed the Project in Burkina Faso! Many Thanks to all supporters and everyone involved in Burkina Faso’s project, fantastic work everyone!

Article 25 have been working with the community to improve their existing school facilities, helping local children to expand their education, develop skills and empower them with new life and leadership skills.

We have built a new model secondary school to bring enhanced education and vocational training opportunities to up to 1100 children in a rural area of northern Burkina Faso. Their previous school of 646 students was overcrowded, with 75-80 children in each class. In the afternoon, classrooms reach 35ºC, a temperature so uncomfortable that many children often fail to attend classes. Despite this challenging environment there was still an extremely high demand for entrance to the school. In the last year alone 100 children were turned away.

Community participatory work helped us to develop a design plan of work that best suited the current and long term needs of the school, whilst ensuring optimum usage and long-term sustainability.

The final building will now provide children with an education in a safe, healthy environment. It will improve the quality and value of education for an under developed community and will provide facilities that will encourage girls to continue to secondary education.