Construction Work- Uganda

Vocational Training Centre for Former Child Soldiers in Patongo, Uganda.

Article 25 are currently working on a project to build a Vocational Training Center for Former Child Soldiers in Patongo. The contractor, NADDS Technical Services, arrived from the capital, Kampala, last week.  NADDS have recruited a local work team for the construction project. The contractor, the local partner organization, New Covenant Ministries, and our site architect, Fernando Buzi, met with the Town Council on Wednesday to agree the setting out of the site.

As the site fronts onto a Main District Road, there is a 20m minimum setback for building projects called a Road Reserve. A temporary meeting space and a pit latrine have been set up on the site and the construction team have started to dig foundation trenches for the Reception Block.

There are three block-making teams producing Stabilised Soil Blocks on site. The block test results are positive. So far, about 40,000 blocks have been produced. This is just over half the required blocks for the project.

The red murram soil, for the blocks, is heaped at a local borrow pit and transported to site. The soil is sifted to ensure a good consistency and pressed with a small amount of cement in block-making machines. As there has been heavy rainfall in Patongo the past few weeks, it has been a challenge to ensure the murram is kept dry.