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“More than a billion people live without adequate shelter.  Increasing frequency of disasters leaves more people living with devastation than ever before.  Safe buildings are desperately needed to rebuild lives, communities, and viable economies.

Article 25 is the foremost operational charity in the UK providing building expertise for International Development.”

-  Jack Pringle, PPRIBA, Chair of Article 25

Our Vision

To see a world where the human right to adequate shelter is met; a world where buildings provide sustainable solutions to poverty, disaster and need.

Our Mission

Construction: To be the first point of call for NGOs in need of construction design and management skills.  To save lives and transform communities through the power of construction design.

Capacity Building: To work in collaboration with communities and governments to create sustainable construction projects which equip them with the skills they need to raise their economic and social capital.

Advocacy: To support the key role of the built environment in developing communities and facilitating human rights.

Education: To connect built environment professionals to international development and disaster risk reduction, enabling collaboration between the fields of knowledge through academic research and skills training.

The way we work

At Article 25 we aim to be:

  • Expert solution providers
  • Respectful, ethical and open in our approach
  • Trustworthy, collaborative and real partners to our beneficiaries, colleagues and staff
  • Compliant with the Red Cross Code of Conduct
  • Methodical, professional and rigorous
  • Passionate about education, learning and research