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August 6th, 2012

Just A Drop – Haiti Project Update

Article 25 C.E.O. Robin Cross has recently returned from Haiti, following a feasibility study of four locations on the island for school sanitation improvements. This project aims to provide desperately needed clean water to combat Cholera and save the lives of some of the most vulnerable children by providing an affordable and sustainable clean water supply.

The team in Haiti visited four sites located in Malte Peralte, Thomassique, Hinche and Petionville. Of these four sites, three are located in the Central Plateau region of the country, an area with a long standing history of Cholera resulting from poor sanitation and clean water supply; the other site is a larger school closer to the capital of Port au Prince.

Inspections of the Central Plateau sites revealed that 2 out of 3 were suitable for sanitation improvement works. Plans to use rain water collection at the sites of Malte Peralte and Hinche will feature hygienic latrines and hand washing facilities. The water will be filtered into storage tanks where it will be pumped to above ground header tanks; gravity pressurised piping will then provide a much needed alternative to the current turbid water supply from local rivers and truck delivery.

Unfortunately after closer inspection a site in Thomassique has shown structural defects requiring further technical attention before sanitation works can be carried out.

However the final site in Petionville is viable for building works to commence. Supporting a larger number of students and staff than sites in the Central Plateau, Petionville requires improvements to toilet and clean water supplies to ensure the good health of students and staff alike.

Previous Article 25 projects were revisited, including “De Michel School” and “Croix Des Missions” with both schools delivering a clean and sustainable water supply. Improvements are modest but have made a dramatic difference to the quality of life of the children and greatly reduced the risk of water borne disease such as Cholera.

Article 25 was represented in Haiti by C.E.O. Robin Cross who unfortunately, along with other team members, succumbed to Dengue fever. Although some members continue to suffer from symptoms Robin has made a full recovery and is hard at work back at Article 25 HQ!

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