Long-term development goals and the communities we work with are at the centre of each project. Each project has a strong foundation of:

Participatory design: We engage local communities through community participation workshops, helping communities take ownership and helping us to understand local needs and preferences. We ensure these findings are incorporated into the final design, helping to foster local support and long-term community leadership of the project.

Incorporating the needs of the most vulnerable: Our design process takes into account the needs of the most vulnerable members of each community. We ensure sensitive issues such as gender equality are appropriately addressed and that all members of a community have the chance to be involved in the design process.

Appropriate Technology: Article 25’s designs incorporate locally available skills and materials. This ensures our solutions are practical, affordable, sustainable and also familiar to local construction workers who are employed on our projects.

Climate responsive: We design solutions that adapt to local climates, including rain water collection to provide water in arid areas or natural ventilation to aid cooling without a reliance on air conditioning. We take account of future natural hazards, the effects of climate change and increased incidents of flooding and storms, making communities more resilient in the face of future events.

High Quality and Low Cost: Our experience in working in challenging environments and our status as a charity means we are able to provide high standard projects at a lower cost than the commercial sector can usually offer.

Capacity Building: Our building projects introduce appropriate skills to the local community and to the local economy, leaving behind a community better able to build for itself. Article 25 partners with governments, NGOs and local contractors on the ground, developing relationships to improve the capacity of our partners and that of the local building industry.  This allows our projects to have an ongoing impact long after a building is complete.

See our ‘Get Involved’ section for ways you can become involved in our work.